News and Analysis 3/25/22

“[T]he plaintiffs claim … they were asked ‘inappropriate religious questions’ including ‘whether they are Muslim, whether they attend a mosque, which mosque they attend, whether they are Sunni or Shi’a, and how often they pray'”:

The federally controlled Delhi police are trying to blame violent anti-Muslim riots in response to peaceful demonstrations against a controversial immigration law on a Muslim activist:

“The Blue Wolf system is used by the IDF to tag and monitor the entire Palestinian population, even those about whom there is no intelligence”:

Police will seize the immovable property of armed resistors to the occupation:

“[A]ttacks on Palestinians in the Naqab in recent days by unknown armed Jewish groups have spurred panic and confusion”:

“A Congress MLA on Wednesday raised the issue in Karnataka legislative Assembly, saying temple trusts banning Muslims from taking part in bidding for stalls was dividing the society”:

As U.S. and Iran haggle over the U.S. terms for removing the IRGC from the terrorist list …

… A prominent victim of the IRGC argues that a narrow targeting of actual terrorists within the IRGC would be “a more practical and effective approach that could actually yield positive results”:

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