News and Analysis 3/29/22

When Russia does this the U.S. rightly calls it a war; when Israel does this, the U.S. sends them yet more aid and weapons:

“Two other major parties, Heart of Tunisia and Karama, as well as a number of independent parliament members, are expected to join the session” to make a majority online as the army and police have closed off the parliament building:

“Mr. Trump’s onetime national security adviser, now wants to sabotage a new agreement under the pretense of constitutional concerns”:

“By asking intrusive questions about Islamic religious beliefs, practices, and associations, the U.S. government is conveying disapproval of Islam” — Ashley Gorski, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project:

The explanation for the IRGC’s target choice for retaliation for Israel’s killing of two of its members in Syria may lie in “two recent meetings between Israeli and U.S. energy officials and specialists at the villa to discuss shipping Kurdistan gas to Turkey via a new pipeline”:

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