News and Analysis 4/1/22

Russia has killed thousands of Muslims in the Ukraine, and now the oligarchs hit by sanctions are seeking refuge in Israel:

“[A]t a time when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dominates headlines, three of the six participants in the summit – Israel, the UAE, and Morocco – occupy foreign lands and/or have intervened militarily in conflicts beyond their borders”:

“That Saied was rattled by an online gathering of suspended lawmakers shows the legislature has [legitimacy]; his overreaction suggests he is losing it”:

“Shehab local news agency said that an Israeli military jeep deliberately ran over a Palestinian girl. She was seriously injured and moved to the hospital, the agency added” …

… and “Fatima al-Masri, a 19-month-old with a hole in her heart, waited five months for Israel to issue a permit allowing her to travel for treatment”:

“They are not outraged because of the killings. They are outraged because the killings are not done while they are in power. Their humanity is dependent on who is in power! Depraved beings!”:

“While some have noted that the connection between faith and mental health is nowhere “more obvious” than in the practice of Islam, studies have suggested that resilience is higher among other believers as well”:

“The IAEA’s ability to … reconstitute a full picture of Iran’s nuclear program is likely also contingent on the revival of the JCPOA”:







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