News and Analysis 4/9/22

Human Rights Watch says Kuwait’s deportation of the Muslim Brotherhood members Egypt has  branded as “terrorists” was a violation of “Kuwait’s obligations under international law”:

According to media reports, “police officials present at the site did not intervene to” stop the assault:

The Badi Sangat Ashram priest bragged that for each Hindu girl “duped” into “love jihad” he would “abduct [ten Muslim girls] in broad daylight”:

“Everyone was saying we support you and they are holding their signs of support and encouragement. I could have cried at the protest, it was just so much” — Muslim girl whose teacher called her a liar for claiming that she needed to pray at a certain time:

Investigators say that dozens of apps including Al-Moazin and Qibla Compass used “the most privacy-invasive software development kit they had seen in six years of examining mobile apps”:

“To truly achieve equity, we must meet the needs of our diverse population and also respect their major holidays” — Gwinnett school board chair Tarece Johnson:

The Charter of Makkah, “written, studied, edited and approved by over a thousand Muslim scholars from almost every sect of Islam” expresses “pan-Islamic … principles which support and promote anti-extremism, religious and cultural diversity”:

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