News and Analysis 4/22/22

“Police also fired rubber bullets from a close range at a group of journalists documenting the clashes, the witnesses said,” shooting one photographer “in the throat”:

In France, “laicité” poses the greatest threat to “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”:

An organizer pushed back on the attempt to conflate the anti-apartheid event with antisemitism by pointing out their Jewish members and Jewish speakers”:

“Authorities have defended the demolitions by … claiming the [destroyed] houses and shops were built illegally on public land. But [victims] say only Muslim homes have been targeted”:

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor warns that Deutsche Welle’s firing of Muslim journalists “will only open the door wide to spreading the purge throughout Germany’s media:

India, which occupies more of Jammu and Kashmir than Pakistan, dares to call Omar’s visit to the Pakistani part a violation of India’s “territorial integrity and sovereignty”:

The U.N. Special Rapporteur says there is no comparable situation in the world today:

“The Holy Quran has over 1,100 verses touching upon the creation of the universe, the alignment of the stars and other [astronomical] ideas”:

There is “a shift in the dynamics of militancy in the West Bank, as armed factions play less of a role and individual grievances trump ideology”:






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