News and Analysis 4/27/22

“Israel has had six months to substantiate its accusations and it has failed to deliver”:

Why should Muslim and Christian Dalits be denied constitutional protection granted to Buddhist and Sikh dalits?

His complains that “in the absence of any member of his family or a lawyer” the boy is sleepless from “long interrogation after midnight”:

“Nearly three-quarters of registered Muslim Americans voted in 2020, according to a new report”:

The dossier “reminded her of growing up in East Germany (GDR) before the fall of the Berlin Wall during which both she and her mother were interrogated”:

“There are currently 579 Palestinians in administrative detention”:

“She’s keeping the peace while keeping her faith, stripping away stereotypes, hoping her story will help us all understand what we’ve never seen a little better”:

“The emerging patchwork of laws and policies codifying the IHRA definition may produce a second dispossession—of the right to speak about Israel’s violence at all”:

“Boxing fans see Tina Rahimi in her hijab and assume she’s an easybeat. It’s proving a dangerous assumption”:






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