News and Analysis 4/30/22

As the Eid approaches, The IDF and the settlers continue their reign of violence:

Despite the absurdity of the excuse that the beach was exclusively used by militants, the Court refuses investigation into the death of pre-teens playing football:

Ahmad and his friends refuse to allow the Israeli wall prevent their religious observance:

A women’s group is demanding that “demanded that the photos be replaced by the use of biometric information, such as fingerprints”:

The complaint alleging “war crimes against journalists … could lead to a formal investigation and prosecution”:

“Israel remains America’s favorite first amendment blindspot” — The Harvard Crimson Editorial Board …

… and Germany’s re-entry point to suppression of speech

A mosque that “appeals to women who are dissatisfied with mainstream American mosques and eager to take on more central roles in their religious development”:

Iran blames the move on “the lack of attention shown by the International Atomic Energy Agency for Israeli ‘vicious operations’ against Iran’s nuclear facilities”:

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