News and Analysis 5/5/22

“They are kidnapping Muslim children…. They don’t accept that they have other ways to live” — Siv Westerberg, lawyer who won eight cases against Swedish social services:

Arriving an hours after the man had been beaten up, the police then arrested the victim:

“[K]illers hadn’t heard any blasphemous words from the victim herself. They had reportedly heard that one of their relatives saw the blasphemy in her dream!”:

Thanks to a currency conversion error, “world’s most authoritative data on global military expenditure” falsely stated that Iran spends more on military than Israel:

The Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy seeks “just peace, human rights, credible elections, capable autonomous governance, and equitable development“:

“[T]he first gym for Muslim women in Canada … mainly teaches martial arts and self-defense”:

BJP gerrymandering:

“Korea mostly receives news and information about Islam through Western media, most of which have hostile views toward the religion”:

With America’s vacillating regional policy and dubious military commitment Gulf states are following Qatar’s lead and “hedging their bets”:






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