News and Analysis 5/7/22

Mainstream American churches are not yet united as they were against South African apartheid, but they are increasing uncomfortable about using euphemisms for the Israeli variety:

“They only close Arab and Muslims stores because the mayor has decided to pursue a racist policy against street gang violence rather than to find an effective way to. confront crime”:

The UN resident and humanitarian coordinator in the occupied territories says eviction  amounts to illegal “forcible transfer from their homes and destruction of their communities”:

HRW says that at least 17 of the 38 arrested teachers are still in detention:

Esper warned that the assassination was “fraught with a range of legal, diplomatic, political and military implications, not to mention that it could plunge us into war with Iran”:

The performers had to cancel a “Circus of Joy” tour after they “were shot at and tear gassed leaving the school to get back to are accommodation”:

“[P]olice had reportedly arrested and imprisoned at least 578 people in at least four cities in connection with the clashes”:

A Brown University professor says the current violence differs from past attacks on Muslims and that “India may be entering the stage of the anti-Muslim pogrom” …

… and the life of Muslims in Mahatma Ghandi’s home town has been made so miserable that they are petitioning the government to kill them:

“[W]hen Israeli settlers engaged in terrorist activities against Palestinian civilians under such circumstances, the courts didn’t hold Israel liable to pay for the damage caused”:






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