News and Analysis 5/10/22

Hindu nationalist Ram Madhav should take the medicine he prescribes:

Israel’s violent rampage continues:

“It is a criminal act and the worst crime as per Islam” — Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi :

“Activists … in repressive, occupying, apartheid, ethnocratic, or totalitarian regimes … [face] a legal system that collaborates, and sometimes even identifies with” government crimes:

A British cyclist finds Persian hospitality consistently prevails over nationalist ideology:

“Punishments for breaking the rule will (for the most part) be inflicted not on the women, but … female employees could also lose their jobs for failing to cover up” …

… while in Louisiana, a sociologist finds found empowerment through modest fashion:

“There should be no objection to loudspeakers put atop temple”:

Months of demonstrations pay off:

Israel’s policy towards non-Jews, crippling for Muslims, means extinction for Christianity in the land of its birth:






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