News and Analysis 5/11/22

Israeli tactics for silencing critical information include murdering journalists:

Clara Muhammad’s “homeschool alternative to what were often substandard inner-city public schools” is part of the “legacy and tradition … that led to the Inner-City Muslim Action Network”:

Israeli censorship in the U.S.: Mark Esper is upset that the passage in his book  on what Netanyahu urged the Trump administration to do has been redacted:

Iran will not cooperate as long as the U.S. refuses to go back to the JCPOA:

A neocon think tank is accused of seeking to equate criticism of the government’s Prevent program with promoting terrorism:

Iran denies that it interested in a swap for an Iranian facing a possible life sentence in Sweden:

“The Supreme Court had issued guidelines for using loudspeakers with prescribed decibel levels from 6 am to 10 pm”:






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