News and Analysis 5/13/22

“An Al Jazeera livestream captured the moment mourners nearly dropped Abu Akleh’s coffin as Israeli forces beat them”:

ICE “has gone well beyond its immigration enforcement mandate, instead evolving into something of a broader domestic surveillance agency”:

“[A]n all-too-familiar aspect of flying while Muslim”:

The chemistry professor’s dismissal brings to thirteen the number terminated “without an inquiry in the interest of the State’s security”:

“[D]emolitions in the area since last week’s court ruling [are] triggering fears of a mass deportation not seen in two decades”:

Zaghari-Ratcliffe said she had to live “in the shadow” of Johnson’s assertion that she was in Iran on professional rather than personal business:

The U.S. doesn’t share Borrell’s optimism while Iran blames Israel for the bizarre detention of the EU team at the the Frankfort airport on their return from Iran:

What Albaz’s attorney calls opposition to violent attacks on any religious site is in the minds of Israeli prosecutors “praise, identification and encouragement for violent acts”:






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