News and Analysis 5/22/22

“Shareholders of both firms will soon vote on resolutions that would mandate reconsideration of a project they fear has grave human rights consequences”:

Noting that setting the blood money for a female victim at half that of a male is not found in the Qur’an, the Council calls it an “intellectual and moral evil that was rejected by jurists”:

Muslim leaders in Nigeria are calling for stronger laws to criminalize vigilantes engaged in murder in the pretext of fighting blasphemy …

… while one group seeks to take legal action against a pastor whose vile insults seem to them calculated to start a religious war:

The BJP assertion that its repression of Kashmir would enhance Hindu security proves delusional. “This new Kashmir is not secure for us, it is not secure for anybody” …

… including the “the tiny Dogra Rajput community”:

“Ariel Sharon is recorded saying …, ‘We have an interest in expanding and enlarging the shooting zones there, to keep these areas, which are so vital, in our hands’”:

Despite scarce data, studies exist indicating that mental health struggles Muslims face include high suicide risk, PTSD, adjustment disorder, and anxiety disorder:

“Israel is blocking the work of the European Parliament” — Manu Pineda:

Men engaged in polygyny not only violate the conditions under which it is permitted, but refuse to listen to scholars as to their responsibilities:

A CENTCOM spokesman “said a U.S. Air Force refueling tanker had conducted a ‘dry refueling mission’” with Israel that “was ‘not tied to’ Israel’s ongoing ‘Chariots of Fire’ exercise”:






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