News and Analysis 5/26/22

Iran calls the Greek seizure of the ship after it called for help due to bad weather and technical problems “international piracy” which they claim cones “under pressure from the United States”:

While still professing its commitment to justice for Palestinians, the student council caved due to its fear funds would “be unnecessarily spent defending legal proceedings”:

Muslim girls say both the prospectus and interviews indicated that “the head-scarf was part of the uniform for the students who wear it”:

“Based on traditional Jewish religious law restricting entry into the site, and the agreed-upon status quo of the compound, Israel allows Jews to visit on condition they refrain from praying there”:

The “decision has evoked strong criticism from all mainstream opposition parties, including the national conference, who have described it as a  as a move to erase the history of Jammu and Kashmir”:

The performance reflected “solid manufacturing-company listings serving” the young domestic population and the including the “poor and middle-class in privatization:

“Without Islam, there would be no Shakespeare” — Mathew Dimmock, Professor of Early Modern Studies (English) at the University of Sussex:

Yet Israel pressures the U.S. not to go back to the deal, even though its former top intelligence analyst says withdrawal “brought Iran closer to a nuclear weapon”:

Both Israel and India clamp down on opposition to their respective occupations:






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