News and Analysis 5/29/22

Pew “found that more than half of America’s youngest adults view Israelis and Palestinians favorably — a departure from the views of older generations”:

The chair of the Anti-racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador questions whether the police response to incident is adequate:

A class action suit described as “aggressive threatening” and a “vicious attack on freedom of speech” succeeds in suppressing student speech:

As with the similar split ten years ago, the government sides with the hawks against those in the intelligence community concerned that war is not in Israel’s best interests:

Iranian spokesman finds military actions in other countries are unhelpful, “have had serious humanitarian consequences and will further complicate the situation in the region”:

“Israelis reportedly throw stones at Palestinian homes near settlement of Homesh; troops block left-wing activists, confiscate yeshiva equipment”:

Israel continues shooting teenagers both in  West Bank and in Israel:

“Authorities acknowledge the building’s owner and corrupt government officials allowed construction to continue … concerns over its shoddy workmanship”:

“You rightly called for accountability, but Israel has enjoyed impunity for so long, it does not know what the hell you are talking about”:

Economic realities offset political sanctions:






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