News and Analysis 6/4/22

As Israeli extremists scream “Death to Arabs,” IDF forces kill, kill, kill:

The “Editors Guild of India, Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Without Borders and other free speech advocacy groups” have condemned the arrest of a young man for questioning about an article he could had nothing to do with”:

The truce has been integral to the lowering of fatalities and the allowing of humanitarian aid to those most affected by the devastating conflict“:

Muslim “suspicion of Moscow has deep roots”:

The Center for Islamic Studies at the National University in Jakarta has trained “about 1,000 Islamic clerics who practice environmental protection and provide education in various villages across the country — and the number is growing”:

A “‘source familiar with the case’ said that officers hit Ghaleh-Golab ‘with their fists and kicked him” during his arrest, adding that he is being detained without charge at an undisclosed location and not being allowed to contact his family'”:

“Islam has not given permission for jihad to commit atrocities on a minority or any other person or to kill the person” — Maulana Fayaz Amjadi calls for protection of “minorities in Kashmir” and to all “in the entire country”:

“Despite my white-passing face, my blue eyes and my honest intentions, here I was reduced simply to my name, my place of birth and what was left unspoken in the margins”:

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