News and Analysis 6/6/22

“The proportion of positive and negative articles was close to 50-50 (Catholics, Jews and Hindus). By contrast, 80% of all articles related to Muslims were negative”:

Under pressure from her own party after international outrage, a BJP politician withdraws  her insulting remarks,:

“The strike, which began on Monday, is the latest in a series of escalating moves by Tunisia’s politicians, institutions and civil society” against Kais Saied’s political coup:

“This year, 14 children have been killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank, including six since May” …

… and “holds the bodies of 103 Palestinians in refrigerators, and an additional 256 have already been buried without allowing families to perform their last rites”:

“Historians say that Prime Minister Modi and his allies’ depictions of the Mughal ruler stretch historical truth for political gain”:

“[I]n stark departure from his campaign promises, Raisi’s administration has kept Iran’s netizens on a tight leash by refusing to order bandwidth expansion in the face of growing demand”:

“By the 16th century, Timbuktu hosted 150 to 180 Qur’anic schools … [and] built great mosques, not only for spiritual practice, but also as centers of learning of mathematics, law, grammar, history, geography, [and] astronomy”:

“The New York Times reported that an official briefed on official intelligence has confirmed Israel informed US officials that they were responsible for” killing the colonel but denies killing the scientist:

Indian Muslims plead that “Parliament has mandated that history and its wrongs shall not be used as instruments to oppress the present and the future” …

… but while the BJP is only started to rid India of Muslims, but on July 7 it shall already have rid its own ranks of any Muslims in Parliament:

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