News and Analysis 6/12/22

Iran’s FM condemns “the silence of the international community and regional organization,” over Israeli missile strikes on sites south of the Syrian capital” …

… while Israel tries to blame Iran for its strike on an international airport in Syria:

The family of a Welfare Party of India activist denies ever receiving any show-cause order that their home was in violation of any laws:

Israel wants to take the land from its olive-growing owners “to expand illegal settlements nearby” …

… and a new high court  “ruling opened the way for one of the largest displacements since Israel captured the territory in the 1967 Middle East war”:

He supports free speech, but the British government dismissed him for his factual statement that the film had “caused much pain and hurt to Muslims”:

She wore the uniform in “the traditional dress segment during the competition”:

“Why should Iran be expected to continue its compliance during talks over a new deal while the U.S. has not taken any steps toward restoring its own compliance?”:

Pilgrims who have paid up to £10,000 for the Hajj fear that the Saudi’s sudden insistence on an online Hajj registration may leave them without a visa:

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