News and Analysis 6/15/22

For years Israel has been training Western police on how to apply military occupation tactics to domestic policing; now they openly participating in a London patrol:

“There are many documented cases in which the FBI’s army of 15,000 informants played the seminal role in the creation of a supposed ‘terrorist plot'”:

Kerala is an “example of Islam coming to India not with the invaders”:

Having never believed or practiced Islam she sought the court’s declaration “to reflect her actual faith and to prevent the image of Islam from being tarnished by her actions”:

An evident and yet unacknowledged war has broken out between Israel and Iran:

“Flooring, plastic pipes tainted by worker issues, says report;US law bans such goods made in remote region from June 21”:

Undercover PA security “and members of the student arm of the ruling party Fatah … reportedly assaulted students and journalists at a protest organised by the Islamic bloc”:

Amnesty International’s Aakar Patel says Indian authorities are “selectively and viciously cracking down on Muslims who dare to speak up … against the discrimination faced by them”:

The physical and mental health consequences of the siege of Gaza:

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