News and Analysis 6/17/22

Experts say that the bullet that killed a Palestinian-American journalist was “the same [as] used by Israeli forces … designed and manufactured in the United States”:

The Biden administration claimed diplomatic immunity for an IMF employee alleged to have tortured an American citizen in Egypt:

Getting an abortion six weeks into pregnancy was not an ethical dilemma for  the daughter of an Egyptian gynecologist whose religious tradition values her life:

The writer teared up when the heroine’s father quoted the Qur’an verse “If you save one life, you save the world”:

Biden’s trip “is a terrible mistake, especially when an equivalent, if not larger, supply of oil could be unlocked by meeting neighboring Iran’s terms for a new nuclear pact”:

“[D]uring the last few months, 13 Muslim civilians and six Hindu civilians – including ethnic Kashmiris – were killed by militants” in the BJP created pressure-cooker …

.. and the closing of hundreds of schools will only turn the pressure up further:

The case of tortured and beaten Christian exemplifies “the injustice of the Israeli judicial system and the total control of the Israeli intelligence service of its deliberations” …

… as another mainstream Christian church joins the call for ending the occupation and South Africa says it knows apartheid when it sees it:

“The decision not to punish any police commanders overseeing Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral was actually made in advance of the investigation into the officers’ attacks”:

Undercover Israelis “sneaked into the neighborhood in middle of the night and killed the three young men in cold blood … while they were inside a civilian vehicle”:

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