News and Analysis 6/20/22

Don’t take our word for it. Joe Biden himself says his capitulation to the Saudis it has nothing “to do with energy. … [I]t has to do with national security … for Israelis”:

The parents of a woman having reached the age of majority under Muslim law cannot abridge her constitutional right to choose a husband:

Settler-colonists find shepherding as is “a tool for seizing the most land, with the least effort”:

“The US has yet to respond to the new proposal, which includes lifting sanctions imposed against an economic arm of the” IRGC:

“[M]ore than a month after Abu Akleh’s death it can be said with near certainty that her killers knew that she was a journalist and killed her for it”:

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has invited South Korea to follow Iraq’s lead in honoring its debts:

The colonial apartheid state’s ability “to maintain strong … ties with Western liberal democracies” makes it “an attractive model to illiberal … and authoritarian regimes”:

Barak, Netanyahu, and Morris are among prominent Zionists nervous about historical precedent that suggests Israel may begin to disintegrate by 2028:

Propaganda is not journalism:

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