News and Analysis 6/23/22

Will this Supreme Court ruling prevent the kind of anti-Muslim discrimination Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) faced in England?

The U.S. government is buying the Iranian fuel it prohibits its citizens from buying:

The Black Lives Movement helped raise concerns over Israel’s role in the militarization of American police:

Corrupt politicians used their “influence over the judiciary” to secure “rulings that halted the vote for president” preventing Sadr from forming a government”:

In suggesting a parallel between the first two caliphs and ISIS the film may deepen Sunni stereotypes of Shia Muslims:

The Palestinian-Israeli dispute isn’t the only example of Western and American media bias — just the most extreme:

“The report … may underline US concerns surrounding Israel’s more aggressive campaign, which has been blamed for a number of high profile killings recently” …

… even as Iran holds the U.S. responsible for monetary damages:

“Demonstrations—regularly met with violence from soldiers and Israeli settlers—have occurred almost weekly since” the Court’s decision …

… and neither the living nor the dead are not safe from Israeli violence:

“[F]ootage from the protest … at times shows police firing indiscriminately at the demonstrators, none of whom … appear to be carrying firearms”:

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