News and Analysis 6/26/22

Busy with its own murderous agenda …

… the IDF couldn’t take time to protect a man from a stabbing, but made time to keep the victim from getting to the hospital before it was too late:

She includes youth detentions, vehicle theft, house demolitions, environmental degradation, invidious discrimination, and murder in a list of BJP offenses …

… while a Congress spokesperson criticizes forcing Jammu based employees to return to “duties in Kashmir valley without resolving” security issues:

Independent auditors say the open evidence shows he is innocent, but the Israelis, claiming “secret evidence,” beat him into a confession:

“[J]ournalists in Kashmir have faced ‘police interrogation, raids, threats, physical assault or criminal cases’ in relation to their work” …

… while in Iran, journalists face intimidation through fines, licensing, and cash subsidies:

The Mughals had some respect for the Khwaja Sara, while the “Sikh and Dogra rulers were indifferent,” but the British ostracized them and sought their elimination:

J Street, Indivisible, and the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft are among the groups perplexed at Biden’s perpetuation of Trump’s “disaster”:

“Almost on a daily basis, Israeli occupation forces carry out raids targeting populated Palestinian communities for arrests or searches”:

“[H]er links to senior British Conservative figures, her sports skills and study in London were enough evidence to brand her an MI6 spy”:

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