News and Analysis 6/30/22

The U.S. accuses Iran of raising resolved old issues and unrelated new ones, but Iran blames a weak Biden administration, unable to guarantee “economic benefits”:

Among the detainees in the wake of protests over the execution of a Palestinian teenager is a young man the IDF beat as he lay asleep in his own bed:

“There can be no democracy or good governance in any society when the state and the judiciary become subservient to a single party, movement, or ideology”:

Taking advantage of “the indisputable right of every citizen to seek justice by recourse to competent court” in the Islamic Republic’s Constitution results in arrest and prosecution:

Prohibition of family visits and prolonged periods of solitary confinement are among the violations against over 4,700 prisoners in the 100 meter long letter:

“American-ish” is a nuanced “celebration in individuality whilst living and loving the collective experience of being a Muslim woman”:

The company hosting a website exposing “institutional support for the colonization of Palestine” says it will not give in to “cyber attacks, legal attacks and physical threats from hate groups”:

“Ikram was the first judge in the state’s history to wear a hijab on the bench and she was the first to swear the oath of office on a Quran”:

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