News and Analysis 7/8/22

The Islamic response to those who would obstruct us, “We have our deeds and you have your deeds. You will remain in safety from hearing or experiencing anything harmful from us. We do not seek to follow the course of the ignorant”:

“The court has essentially enabled the government to compel head teachers and school leaders to adopt a partisan view on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, thereby shifting their role from education to indoctrination”:

“Sudanese coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced that the army would step aside in an effort to make room for a civilian government, following five consecutive days of protests in the capital”:

The attorneys have “been working over years to ensure that dozens of families are not expelled from their houses and foil Israeli plans to establish a colonial settlement on their ruins of the houses”:

“Muslim, Arab, and South Asian men who were rounded up after 9/11” say that the man who then “headed the Metropolitan Detention Center … in Brooklyn, allowed and encouraged abuse by guards under his supervision”:

“The U.S. State Department’s positioning on the killing of Abu Akleh has disheartened rights advocates regarding [its] failure … to call out Israel [even] for … crimes against journalists and
[US] citizens”:

“[N]aïve and clichéd narratives are frustrating for professional Muslim women who continuously feel the need to defend their faith”:

“The head of the committee himself that Saied put together in order to prepare the initial draft of the constitution stated that the president’s version was “dangerous and paves the way for a disgraceful dictatorial regime”:






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