News and Analysis 7/17/22

“The two-state solution died a long time ago, and now so has the Palestinians’ strategic choice of relying on the West in their struggle for their national rights” …

… Biden and Lapin affirmed “that they will continue to work together to” defend Israeli apartheid from BDS or “in any forum including at the United Nations or the International Criminal Court”:

“[S]ubjected to Israeli martial law until 1968[,] … an entire generation went without performing Hajj”:

His trip to Saudi is Biden’s latest demonstration of his “inclination to bolster approaches that have not solved any of the Middle East’s multiple problems rather than build them into broader and bolder policies that could prove more effective”:

Police have arrested a man alleged to have insulted Islam and promise to investigate those alleged to have bloodies his face:

“Israeli forces attempted to seize a Palestinian-owned vehicle in At-Tiwani area amid the firing of tear gas canisters toward residents, including children and women, causing several people to suffocate”:






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