News and Analysis 7/21/22

“[T]he letter implies that the very act of collecting [attorney’s] fees could amount to a security offense, which carry a severe penalty in Israel”:

The fact-checker used “the term ‘hatemongers’ for three Hindu monks who made inflammatory comments about Muslims, with at least one calling for ‘genocide’ of the minority community”:

“The PA and Hamas have said that abuses amount to no more than isolated cases that are investigated and for which wrongdoers are held to account, but years of research by Human Rights Watch … contradict these claims”:

“With his patronizing tone, ignorance of Islam, and disregard for political realities and sensitivities, he has eroded the fanbase he never set out to capture but nevertheless appreciated”:

Sweden claims the right to imprison (for life) an Iranian tourist for allegedly executing political prisoners in his home country:






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