News and Analysis 7/26/22

Tunisian democracy “was dealt a crushing defeat today – not with the bang of a military coup, but with a whimper of apathy at the ballot box”:

“Israel confiscated 35 per cent of it under the pretext of ‘public interest’. However, the confiscated land was used for settlement projects”:

The Grand Mufti of Kashmir’s statement of solidarity “condemning the killings and expressing support for ‘Pandit brothers’” is a “sentiment [that] must be built on”:

“[T]he institutional and individual designations by Israeli authorities of ‘terrorism’ follows years of Israeli attacks on human rights organizations, harassment and imprisonment of their staff, and denials of medical permits”:

“Since the President didn’t come to us in Jerusalem to hear first-hand our grief, outrage and concerns …,  we decided to come to him”:






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