News and Analysis 7/29/22

“[T]he United States has failed to conduct its own investigations into previous killings of American citizens by Israeli soldiers”:

“The Supreme Court ruled the government needs a warrant to get your location data. But ICE is getting warrantless access anyway”:

“[T]here is strong external interest in extending the Yemeni truce given the scale of turmoil in the global arena. And yet credible progress remains lacking”:

“[P]olitical and diplomatic moves in coordination with the heads of several states, including US President Joe Biden” are being taken to resurrect the two-state solution …

… but 399 “demolitions and seizures of Palestinian-owned structures and evictions this year have left over 400 Palestinians displaced”:

Egypt pretends to opening apolitical dialog, but excludes the only effective opposition:

A Bloomington imam “says he has been detained at least five times since 2017 upon returning home to the U.S., often for hours at a time, and questioned about his religious beliefs”:

Israel’s violent rampage of detentions, injuries, and murders continues:

“[P]ropaganda works most effectively when it can be passed off as entertainment”:






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