News and Analysis 8/1/22

In his power grab, Tunisia’s strong man has cut off most means of peaceful dissent:

Israeli police arrested a Palestinian construction worker after Facebook mistakenly translated his greeting “Good morning” in Arabic as “attack them” in Hebrew:

“After 23 days of being caught in a cycle of arrest, bail and re-arrest, the Supreme Court granted him bail … ending what Justice D.Y. Chandrachud described as a ‘vicious cycle’“:

Israel denies 31% of “travel permits for Gazan children needing advanced medical treatment” while also blocking “entrance of advanced medical equipment to Gaza’s doctors”:

Iran accuses Taliban forces of once more mistaking a “wall … constructed to constrain smugglers … [for] the border between the two countries”:

The youngest of four Palestinian girls in the Chess Olympiad 2022, 8-year-old Randa has become “a darling of the media and fans alike”:

Far from “Progressive except for Palestine,” the ADL compared SNCC to the KKK, blessed the electrocution of the Rosenbergs, and spied on Jews for HUAC and the FBI:

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