News and Analysis 8/5/22

“Despite being citizens of the state of Israel, Palestinians required permits to leave their areas of residence, including to access medical care and jobs”:

The 1906 revolution married “traditional Islamic principles with modern concepts such as individual rights and popular sovereignty” leading “to a freely elected independent parliament and a constitution guaranteeing basic rights”:

Four militants killed along with the six non-combatant fatalities (including a young girl) exemplifies what Israel calls “a precise counter-terror operation against an immediate threat”:

“[S]uch killings have seen a rise ever since the Union government stripped Jammu and Kashmir of its constitutional status in August 2019”:

Wimbledon’s Lord Tariq Ahmad is concerned over “demolished houses and confiscated land” against Iran’s Baha’is:

“After repeatedly rebuilding his home only to have it demolished by Israeli soldiers, Mohammed Abu Sabaha has a new plan to remain on the land — he is moving into a cave”:

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