News and Analysis 8/13/22

Although “Iran’s government … distanced itself from [the threat to Rushdie] …, a semi-official Iranian religious foundation raised the bounty for Rushdie from $2.8m to $3.3m.” His condition is unknown:

“He told officers that he was driving to Houston ‘to find a new place for his family to live because the situation in Albuquerque was bad’ and mentioned the recent shootings” with which he has now been charged …

… “a professor at New York University and the leader of NYU’s Islamic Center, has … cautioned [fellow Sunnis] against the marginalization of Shias by the majority Muslim sect”:

“Active trials per year for Iran ranged from 58 in 2015 to 115 in 2019, with the next highest trials per year for a country being the US in 2016 at 22 trials”:

The West’s reaction to Russian aggression in the Ukraine has “set the scene for [SCO]  expansion into the Middle East as well as agreement on the construction of a crucial Central Asian railroad”:

What are the prospects for the EU’s effort at compromise over one of two major remaining stumbling blocks for a return to the deal that diplomatically guarantees no nukes for Iran?

On receiving U.S. citizenship, the basketball star changed his name to “Freedom” in honor of the liberties he was denied in Turkey, but when he criticized China, the hammer came down:

“It is very traumatic that you can see your relatives across but can’t talk to them, meet them”:






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