News and Analysis 8/15/22

Israel’s relentless serial murders …

… finally  produce their desired result of a Palestinian retaliation:

While denying Iranian involvement in the despicable attack on author Salman Rushdie, the spokesman of Iran’s Foreign Ministry threw the blame on Rushdie and his supporters:

The defendant’s attorney objects that absent “sufficient evidence even to charge Defendant with any involvement in the murders, Defendant should not be detained based on supposed involvement”:

An opera based on the autobiography of “a 19th century Muslim scholar stolen from Senegal and sold into slavery in America … [tells] a largely-forgotten story, informing the history of our multicultural nation”:

Resentment against removal of cultural artifacts takes on a special edge when art protesting the occupation ends up in a gallery of the occupying power:

India’s “economic pain has not been evenly distributed, and Muslim Indians are far more pessimistic about their future prospects”:

“Israelis aren’t shy about speculating that Yair Lapid is using the attack on Gaza to convince doubting Israeli voters that he is bellicose enough to continue leading the country, but US media failed to mention this”:

Combining religion and state results in “a blind, implicit obedience to civil magistracy” that  holds people “in a state of servile dependence” totally ignorant “of every thing divine and human”:

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