News and Analysis 8/28/22

The arrest of the former PM “fuels Khan’s populist message which is rooted in the notion that the current government’s power was won sneakily rather than through popular mandate”:

To Meta Ukrainian posts of  their “suffering or humiliation” by Russians is “raising awareness” but Palestinians posting pictures of their “suffering or humiliation” by Israelis “glorifies violence”:

When Biden broke his campaign promise for a swift unconditional return to JCPOA Biden “deepened mistrust … around the world, about Washington’s ability to uphold international agreements”:

Israel boasts to Americans of “pinpoint attacks” on that kill children as it pushes other Palestinians into the stone age:

We were in Afghanistan “to prevent Al Qaeda from striking our country[, but] … it grew into something much larger: an attempt to impose a form of government”:

Expelled by Israel, his grandfather was less than 1 km away from his home and they seized the house on the grounds that he was an “absentee”owner:

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