News and Analysis 9/2/22

Although the final text for a renewed agreement remains elusive …

… the  world hopes that a diplomatic agreement will keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, except for the one country that wants war:

Authorities complained that books listed examples of Israeli oppression and “glorified” those who resist it:

“[M]illions spent by AIPAC pacs in support of pro-Israel candidates has ‘perverted’ the political process and knocked out the ‘boldest’ progressives”:

Five decades ago Palestinians were evicted from their homes to make room for never-built luxury apartments for Jewish Israelis, to this day they cannot build on their own land”:

“Members of the Jewglers listserv actively surveiled the Muslim and Arab ERG lists, at some points going so far as to join the listservs and send aggressive message”:

Some Muslims are willing to celebrate Hindu holidays …

… but the Hindutva objective is to push the Muslims out:

“The report reiterated much of what the U.S. and independent researchers have said about Beijing’s campaign, but it was the first time the accusations were leveled by the U.N.”:

“The incident marks the second time US drones were seized in a week amid stalled negotiations over Iran’s nuclear deal”:






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