News and Analysis 9/5/22

Under intense criticism, restrictions on falling in love are deleted from the new order making it “more difficult for people to come and work in Palestinian institutions, volunteer, invest, teach and study“:

“[H]e proved in the court above any reasonable doubt that he made sure that no money will be (given) directly to Hamas,” but in a decision human rights groups call “a “miscarriage of justice”

According to the IHRA “claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour” as an example, but here are “11 examples of how the state of Israel is indeed a racist endeavour”:

As states “like Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea determined to develop nuclear weapons did so within five to seven years” it is significant that Iran has not done so in 35 years:

Opposing censorship of Maududi and Qutb is well and good, but why isn’t “Sir Syed’s thoughts and his approach to Islam [taught] in the institution he founded”?

“Iran won’t accept ambiguities or loopholes in the text. Winter is approaching and the EU is facing a crippling energy crisis. Iran will be patient” — Mohammad Marandi, adviser to Iran’s negotiating team:

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