News and Analysis 9/9/22

Even as Israel belatedly admits “a high possibility” that its troops killed Shireen Abu Akleh it still seeks to avoid responsibility in the face of the evidence…

… so there is no chance it will ever accept responsibility for the many other journalists killed by unknown assailants:

“The Queen became the first British monarch to enter a mosque in the UK during her Golden Jubilee tour”:

Students understandably want to be true to both their love and their religion, but a “secret traditional Islamic marriage” is not a traditional Islamic marriage:

“India’s domestic workers in general face caste-based discrimination and violence, but Muslims are further marginalised” …

… and “the democratic credentials of ‘the largest democracy on Earth’ have taken a simultaneous nosedive“:

The court’s decision effectively tells parliament that “that this is their mess to sort out and resolve“:

“All of the evidence in Mohammed Halabi’s six-year trial was either ‘secret’ or implausible. That didn’t stop Israel sentencing him to 12 years in prison”:

Under the impression that the Jewish man in “‘a yarmulke [who] had ordered a kosher meal’ … was a Muslim,” Giuliani said “I’m sorry to have tell you this, but the founder of your religion is a murderer”:






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