News and Analysis 9/15/22

As armed resistance spreads “beyond the Jenin refugee camp and the old city of Nablus” Israel reportedly considers “a large-scale invasion of the northern West Bank” …

… and Israelis increasingly believe the PA is incompetent to keep the people subdued:

“Beyond … esoteric matters, the King has been quite public about his admiration for Islam as a religion, and Muslim communities, both in Britain and abroad”:

Iraq’s system “was modeled on Lebanon’s dysfunctional arrangement, which … [aims] to  guarantee the rights of religious minorities but … [creates] endemic corruption, political instability, and economic collapse”:

Malaysia’s “adoption of tasamuh [tolerance or open-mindedness] is highly questionable especially given his decision to place the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia” under a political party:

The statement presses “Iran to explain why uranium traces were found at three undeclared sites”:

The prohibition of the inequitable divorce practice is proving unenforceable:

“The crown prince holds himself out as a modernizer, enabling women’s rights. But behind the curtain, he destroys individuals over the slightest trifle”:

“The cyberattacks were not directed by the Iranian government … [and] the men tried to extort ransom from Iranian businesses” as well:

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