News and Analysis 9/17/22

He was working his land with his son “when a group of armed Israeli settlers from the nearby Havat Ma’on outpost attacked them”:

“[A]rrested by Tehran’s ‘morality police’ on September 14” for “improper hijab,” she “was transferred to a hospital that same day in a coma, and died on September 16”:

“Members of the artistic direction committee … condemn the advisory group’s decision” as lacking “scientific proof, academic references, rigorous argumentation and integrity”:

“It has been a breath of fresh air to finally see an unapologetically Palestinian character not portrayed as a terrorist on a mainstream American network”:

In Islam, “abortion is decided on a case-by-case basis, … [b]ut after 120 days, when the soul is believed to enter the fetus, most scholars will consider abortion to be the ending of a human life”:

“Marvel has decided to trot out this blatantly racist character, at a time when the country she represents is being exposed more and more every day as the apartheid state it is” …

… “according to current Marvel comic lore, the mutants of earth are rallying around an ideology that cooperation with humanity is futile and solution … is to gather together in” their own island nation”:

A senior Israel Defense Forces officer credits Israeli strikes with forcing “Hezbollah and other Iran-backed militia groups … [to withdraw] from areas in Syria that have been targeted by Israel”:

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