News and Analysis 9/20/22

“Iran’s president … [and o]ther state organisations including the judiciary and the majlis (parliament) have also vowed to look into the cause of death”:

“[I]f the killing was intentional, and Israel does not hold anyone accountable, ‘then the Leahy Law must be applied.” That law bars military aid to countries that commit human rights violations with impunity”:

“After Iran filed two claims based on the 1955 treaty – which accords the ICJ jurisdiction – Washington formally withdrew from the accord in 2018”:

“Britain’s new head of state is a loud admirer of Islam, a critic of Western interventionism and a champion of multiculturalism who will win his country new friends — and some populist enemies — across the world”:

“The SCO is, at its best, a framework for members to expand their bilateral relations. It does not represent any effective institutional solution to Iran’s international isolation”:

“[T]he Baltimore City state’s attorney’s office … wanted the conviction tossed and Syed released [after finding] new evidence of potential suspects” and material withheld from defense attorneys:

Iran is open to discussing the JCOPA revival at the UN but Borrell doesn’t see the point:






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