News and Analysis (2/14/13)

Ultraconservatives dismiss interfaith dialog as mere formality, but mainstream Muslims see Benedict’s resignation as an opportunity; Qaradawi is “optimistic”:

“The educated and upwardly mobile youth armed with the internet are gravitating towards different interpretations of the second largest faith presented by scholars from American and European countries”:

A lawyer not involved in the case says the decision “is a blow to the technology platform providers because the Court of Appeal decided that Google is arguably responsible for the postings by the blogger once they have been notified of them and have failed to take them down”:

With tensions mounting over civilian death, Karzai looks forward to the departure of foreign troops, but will training Afghani women to help replace them alleviate or exacerbate the cultural insensitivity issues?

“Love rests on no foundation…It is an endless ocean…With no beginning or end…. All these religions…All this singing…One song…The differences are just illusion and vanity” — Rumi:

As “Algeria and Mauritania are ballooning with Mali’s Arab and Tuareg families, minorities who are afraid of reprisals because they are accused of having aided the al-Qaida-linked rebels who overran Mali’s north last year,” an elderly man is arrested only hours after assuring a political scientist “that he was well-treated and did not fear for his security” …

… and in a lengthy letter the senior al-Qaida African commander allegedly expresses “dismay over the whipping of women and the destruction of Timbuktu’s ancient monuments” but “leaves no doubt that … al-Qaida plans to operate in the region over the long haul, and is willing to make short-term concessions on ideology to gain” needed allies:

“The Iranian embassy in Lebanon said … Hessam Khoshnevis, [who] was in charge of Tehran’s reconstruction assistance in Lebanon … was killed by ‘armed terrorist groups,’ a label used by the Syrian government to describe Assad’s foes, on the road to Lebanon as he returned from Damascus”:

“The ACLU of Southern California says under the settlement, county officials will no longer require Muslim women in custody to remove their headscarves”:

“The centuries-old cemetery in central Jerusalem is near the site of a planned museum of tolerance”:

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