News and Analysis 9/23/22

In Twitter’s twisted worldview denouncing Zionists chants of “death to Arabs” constitutes “hate speech” and “incitement to9 violence”:

The school textbook takeover furthers the Jerusalem municipality’s master plan to impose Jewish supremacy on the city:

“Al Manthari’s case highlights the seldom seen devastation to the lives of drone strike survivors and their families” and who will never see a dime of the “millions of dollars earmarked for civilian victims of US attacks”:

“Mahsa Amini’s killing could become a sort of lightning rod for attacking some of the core tenets of the state, as opposed to just be about the hijab;” Christiane Amanpour refuses to don hijab for Raisi interview:

PA venture to arrest Hamas operatives at Israel’s request gives Israel yet another opportunity to gloat “Arabs kill Arabs and Jews get blamed”:

Victim’s son details settler brutality under protection of IDF :

Plant a tree, hide an atrocity:






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