News and Analysis 9/25/22

Watch your language! “Meta policy and practice, combined with broader external dynamics, does lead to different human rights impacts on Palestinian and Arabic speaking users”:

“To some bystanders, the solitary piece of construction equipment was no more than an oddity…. But to those who understood its symbolism, it was … likened to a noose or a burning cross at a Ku Klux Klan rally”:

“[N]ew forensic analysis shows she was “deliberately and repeatedly targeted” by an Israeli military sniper taking ‘precise and careful aim’:”

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson said Ukraine should “refrain from being influenced by third parties who seek to destroy relations between the two countries”:

Not content with blinding children, Israel makes sure they get no follow-up care …

… but like their threat to saw off the arms of a small boy, it’s all part what Community Peacemaker teams calls an attempt to “traumatize a generation”:

The satirical “premise centres on an Englishman and his Israeli partner, a wealthy couple, … stranded in Israel” during a pandemic whose “only hope of escape is to smuggle themselves into the Gaza Strip, which, owing to the separation wall, is known as ‘the safest place in the world'”:

This funny blind hospital telephone operator is looking to expand her targets from “Palestinian wedding culture, Arab doctors, overbearing parents”to “Israeli checkpoint searches, restrictions on movement, violence, poverty and politics”:

Is “Jihad Rehab” another example of a white savoir film on “jihad and Islam” or an “introspective and intelligent” portrait of four former Guantanamo detainees confined to a Saudi rehabilitation center?

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