News and Analysis 9/28/22

As “Raisi, who had ordered an investigation into Amini’s death, said ‘forensics will present report on her death in the coming days’” …

… there are signs spreading support…

… among high-profile Iranians for protests gripping the country and the government’s intent to end them”:

“750 Palestinians [expelled] from 15 villages and hamlets … later … got a court decision to come back to their village, but it remained a firing zone”:

If authentic, the “letter shows that … officials knew Amini had received head injuries during her arrest but have been insinuating that she had a brain problem previously and might have died from an illness, unrelated to her arrest”:

You know that Israel murdered two journalists this year. Did you know that they hold twenty more in prison?

Convicted of trafficking, the defendants say they only tried to help gay people leave a country in which homosexuality is banned:

An agreement that “security forces would cease to arrest those wanted by Israel in Nablus, release those who were arrested … and refrain from prosecuting anyone who took part in them” lacks guarantees:

The ban includes nine groups that together make “up about 200mn of India’s almost 1.4bn people”:

The system, “which includes the capacity to fire stun grenades, tear gas and sponge-tipped bullets … was placed in the center of a heavily populated area, with hundreds of people passing by”:

European diplomats claim that final negotiations focused on technical issues were set back when “the Iranians for the first time made closing the IAEA investigations a precondition of the deal”:

In response to Israel’s crackdown on human rights groups, four such groups have united “to voice their support for Palestinian civil society and fight against abusive and prolonged occupation, annexation, impunity, and apartheid”:






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