News and Analysis 9/30/22

After being chased by Israeli soldiers a 7-year-old boy vomited blood and was pronounced dead at the hospital:

“The detention of citizens of Germany, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries is likely to ratchet up tensions between Iran and Western countries over the death of Mahsa Amini”:

Amnesty International says that the French citizen and human rights lawyer “has been harassed by the Israeli authorities for more than twenty years”:

The Iranian authorities knowingly decided to harm or kill people who took to the streets to express their anger at decades of repression and injustice” — Agnes Callamard, Amnesty International:

Collective punishment, and funerals damage “the PA’s image because of its ongoing security coordination with Israel, and [increase] risk of disaffection among its own security personnel”:

“Daily demand for virtual private network (VPN) services in Iran is up over 3,000% compared to before the protests” — Simon Migliano, head of research at

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