News and Analysis 10/3/22

The killings deepen “what has become the deadliest round of fighting in the territory in years. … Palestinians called a general strike in the West Bank city of Ramallah”:

Proposers “are aiming for the EU foreign ministers to decide on them at their meeting on Oct. 17, with no resistance expected from the members of the bloc”:

An American, a Canadian, and a Brit pay tribute to the moderate scholar-activist smeared as an extremist because of his condemnation of Israeli injustice:

“This study reveals that she was facing away from the marksman, with her ‘PRESS’ vest fully legible at the moment the fatal gunshot was fired”:

Unlike previous Iranian revolutionary movements which focused on constitutionalism or labor, this one takes its slogan from the Kurdish resistance: “Women, Life, Freedom”:

The election of Islamists and two women  is “seen as a mandate for change amid a prolonged period of gridlock between the Cabinet, … appointed by the royal family, and the [elected] 50-member assembly elected”:

The US and France are among the countries where “MbS’s appointment as prime minister shields him from legal proceedings …, including the” ICC for responsibility for the Khashoggi murder:

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