News and Analysis 10/10/22

Palestinians charge settlers burn books with impunity under Israeli Army control:

Notwithstanding his attacks on protestors, Khamenei may be the first  “cleric of the Islamic Republic [to] say that poorly veiled women” could be valued citizens:

The Palestinian girl whose encounter standing up to an Israeli soldier went viral when she was falsely painted as a Ukrainian child standing up to a Russian soldier speaks:

“Authorities closed all schools and higher education facilities in Iranian Kurdistan on Sunday, in an apparent effort to quell unrest”:

Meta “allows Ukrainians to freely praise the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment as a force for self-defence — [but] no such conflict-sensitive exceptions have ever been made for Palestinians”:

Erfan, a Peshmerga militant denies stories that his cousin Mahsa was colluding with him against the regime and accuses the government of preventing other family members from speaking out:

Israeli violence continues unabated:






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