News and Analysis 10/15/22

Justice Gupta was concerned by the “divergent opinion” as to whether the headscarf is mandated by Islam, but Justice Dhulia denied need for the court to decide what should be a matter of choice for the student:

PEN America and members of the international theater community have joined Palestine’s cultural minister in condemning the illegal arrest and six months detention on undisclosed charges:

“Hamas, Fatah and 12 other Palestinian groups agree to hold legislative and presidential elections within one year” but Palestinians in the land are skeptical of “any concrete changes”:

“Against all odds, Nahdlatul Ulama … envisions its Humanitarian Islam philosophy rubbing off on the [Muslim World] League as a result of cooperation with the Indonesian group”:

In 20 minutes rampaging Israeli settlers “managed to set fire to dozens of olive trees and totally destroy the windows and body of three cars”:

The Nigerian military has not yet commented on speculation that they killed Boko Haram’s leader during a gun duel:

“Professor Rashid Khalidi explains how the British violently repressed Palestinians resisting colonization, and how colonial practices shape Israel’s policies today”:

Israel is introducing assassins as role models for American audiences:






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