News and Analysis 10/23/22

Israeli Occupation policies are turning Palestinians into cave men:

“[U]nder the Oslo Accords these types of decisions should be under the purview of the Palestinian Authority”:

Israel delays round-the-clock opening of the Allenby bridge for the second time since PM “Lapid promised … Joe Biden in July that he would expand the hours of operation”:

The “head of the International Press Institute’s Turkey branch said the bill ‘criminalizes what the authorities call disinformation without defining what that actually means’”:

When “nine student groups at the [Berkeley] law school … agreed not to lend platforms to Zionist speakers,” Zionists falsely claimed “Berkeley Law students … were attempting to establish ‘Jewish free’ zones”:

Some French mayors “think that secularism means making Muslim and Jewish children either eat pork or go hungry“:

“The civil rights group says the law is in conflict with a 40-year-old supreme court ruling that boycotts are protected speech”:

“[W]atching television does not equate to social justice, [but] it feels like a tide has turned”:






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