News and Analysis 10/25/22

The AKP continues its inflationary policies despite adverse effects that include  contributing to a medical brain drain:

Biden remains silent in the face of  “more than 100 ‘nationalist crimes’ have been committed by large numbers of settlers … against West Bank Palestinians” in just ten days …

… and navy attacks on peaceful fishermen despite “international guaranteed Palestinian- Israeli agreements, [allowing them] to fish in within 4 to 6 nautical miles off shore” …

… as well as police threats to shoot sports paramedics who sought to provide a teenager “shot and injured” by the IDF with first aid, followed by the arrest of his father and brother two hours later …

… and the continued firing of “live and rubber-coated metal bullets, as well as tear gas canisters, at the Palestinians”:

The “Oslo-based group Iran Human Rights said Thursday that at least 27 children have been killed” in the demonstrations:

Shatha Hammad if the most recent victim of the Zionist’s smear campaign against journalists exposing the crimes of the apartheid regime:

“In July 2008, Constitutional Court knocked down an attempt by Erdogan’s ruling AK party to lift the headscarf ban at universities on the grounds that it was anti-secular”:

“[R]elatives of those who drowned held the Palestinian officials and Israel directly responsible for the deadly incident”:

One woman “was stirred to action when her six-year-old son was scolded in school for saying ‘oh God’ after falling down in school” and a man protested “letting 10-year-olds read books that detail sexual acts”:

“I chose to dress like this and I wanted other Muslim women to know it’s still possible to do things in the modern day with modesty and class. …  [It’s about] how you represent yourself”:






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